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School Life

School is the nursery of life. What one learns in school remains with us for the rest of our life. Realizing this fundamental truth, the authorities of school try to instill in us, the fundamental values of life such as discipline, honesty, punctuality, dutifulness, respect to elders, being good-mannered, personal cleanliness, etc

Event and Traditions

Students learned about the culture and traditions of School, while also making their standard-based learning engaging and fun.

The sports and co-curricular activities are an essential part of an all round development of the students. The Guardian Public school provides all the opportunities for children to participate in debates, dramas, plays, group discussions and other such programmes. Besides, the students are encouraged to take part in all major and minor games.

Student Activities

Academic studies naturally coincide with wrote teaching styles and textbook work. However, it is important to make learning exciting for students with interactive activities. Incorporating fun classroom games into your lesson plan offers a simple way to motivate your students, and encourage them to draw on their creativity and imagination.

Social Life

One way is to have the world knowledge acquired at home or in preschool. Equally important, though, is readiness in the emotional, social, and motivational realms the social skills that are needed to participate effectively in classroom discourse, and the self-esteem and sense of agency required to work hard and learn intentionally. School learning is a social as well as a cognitive process, one influenced by the relationships between student and teacher and among students..


There are many options to travel in the campus.

The school has its own fleet of buses for day schooling students covering almost all the major areas of the city. The buses plying on fixed routes transport the students from various points in and outside the city to the school. There is charge for this facility.


There are number of parking lots avilable in the west side of the campus. The parking is available 24 hours with 24hours security. We make sure that everything is under control.

The Campus Experience

School life is surely a learning experience. The confidence and motivation it gave couldn’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, it is the place where a child recognized their uniqueness and individuality.School life is no less than a treasure for which itgave invaluable joys in life. Guardain has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities, the school has pioneered change in the sector.

Dining On Campus

The mess of the school is hygienically maintained which serve breakfast, dinner and tea for boarding students.


Athletics is often a building block of promoting Pre-game events , homecoming, pep rallies, are designed to rally a school in support of a team.

Arts & Culture

Architectural Design is not a subject normally taught in schools. But it presents something of a novelty to children, produces exciting results.

Information Technology

Information technology has made both teaching and learning easier.Technology thus making both teaching and learning much easier.

Safety and Security

School Safety has been defined as creating safe environment for children, starting from their homes to their schools and back. .

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits', attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community.

Our goal is to be at the heart of the educational services to acheive success in simple smart and secure manner.

Aijaz Ahmad BhatCEO Of Guardain